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Bed Bugs: Some Quick Facts

Bed bugs are wingless pests that have made a strong comeback in homes, hotels, and even hospitals across the country. These pests are tiny in size but they have the capacity to suck the blood of human beings. They do their job when human beings are fast asleep and they do it so efficiently that victims are not even aware of the fact that their blood is being devoured by some insects. Here are some quick facts about these bloodsuckers that were confined to story books of children after the Second World War. This was because of the spray of a chemical called DDT that exterminated them on a large scale. 

Scientists believe that bed bugs have developed immunity against DDT and other similar chemicals. Today they are increasing at such a fast pace that there are fears that they might infest vast majority of homes and hotels in a very short period of time. What surprises many people is the fact that they do not feel when they are stung by these little beasts during their sleep. The reason why they do not feel even when their blood is being sucked by these monsters is because bed bugs hit under their sensory nerves. Once a sensory nerve is hit, bed bugs feely crawl over the skin without being noticed by a sleeping individual. Talking about quick facts, you will be surprised to know that bed bugs actually administer a kind of anesthetic to freely such the blood without the victim knowing anything about it. 

Bed bugs do not like the heat of the human body once they have sucked the blood and they move away as quickly as possible to their hideout. After having been fed, bed bugs can live for almost a year without eating anything. 

It is time to take action if you find blood spots on your bed sheets and body in the morning.