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Quick facts about Pomeranian Dogs

December 4, 2017

Pomeranian is a breed of dogs that looks and feels great. They have soft hairs and look like overgrown balls of cotton. These dogs prove to be very good companions. Though they have a small size, they prove to be excellent watchdogs. Despite being so common in households across the country, there is lack of information about these beautiful dogs. Here are some quick facts about Pomeranian dogs. 

Pomeranian dogs do not belong to dumb dog category. They are smart and they have a personality of their own. This is why they are often difficult to train like other dogs. But they become conditioned through use of positive reinforcement rather than punishment. Pomeranians are dogs that love and care and they choose their own favorite from among the family members. They show their attachment to this family member. Not only does a Pomeranian dog cling to this one person but also obeys his commands to the surprise of other family members. 

Pomeranian is a breed that has been created from the larger Spitz breed. Spitz dogs are known for their ability to pull sled over snow and also for their ability to hunt moose. Even though Pomeranian dogs are smaller and cannot hunt a moose but they raise alarm quickly as soon as they sense a intruder inside the home. Yes, your Pomeranian dog can at times irritate by barking uncontrollably but that is because of his genes coming down from Spitz. Once you have trained your little Pomeranian and he understands you are the boss, he will sit outside your room and will not even peep inside unless he has heard you calling. 

One disease that proves killer disease for these small dogs is low blood sugar. Make sure you know about symptoms of this disease to save your dog from untimely death. 




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